Leaf Print Wallpaper

Turn your home into a woodland retreat or tropical paradise with our fabulous collection of leaves and tree wallpapers. Add depth and design to your walls with our outstanding, organic designs from our leaf wallpaper online collection.

What happens if you love botanicals and that wild, untamed feeling but don’t want florals as part of your décor? Well, the natural world has plenty more to offer than just pretty flowers. Our collection of leaf wallpaper patterns brings a wooded glade into your living room, swaying ferns into your bedroom, and autumn leaves into your hallway. Leaf wallpaper embraces both heritage designs and bold, contemporary takes on simple patterns brought to life with clever colours and marvellous metallics.

You can go as subtle or as bold as you want, from the delicate delights of Laura Ashley Little Vines to the extravagance and joyful jungle prints with the occasional tiger burning brightly in between those verdant leaves.

Leaf wallpaper has exploded as a big interior trend, thanks to the sheer variety on offer. The colour combinations prove that you don’t have to settle for ‘green’, with every tone from duck egg and teal blue to shimmering metallics that bring light and movement into a room.

Don’t forget to perfectly pair your leaf wallpaper pattern with paint colours to accent woodwork such as window and door frames and skirting boards. You’ll find handy tips and hints on perfect pairings with each of our leaf wallpapers.

Leaf designs are ideal for a mural wall, too, giving your décor a focal point that’s big, bold, and custom-made to fit your wall perfectly. Go for tall trees to add height to a room or whispering ferns to create a cosy woodland effect. Leaf wallpaper designs are a fantastic way to bring nature into your home.
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