Contour Wallpaper

Wallpaper shouldn’t just look amazing; it should be tough enough to cope with the challenges of everyday life, too. Featuring realistic wood, brick and tiling effects, our Contour wallpaper range is suitable for both kitchen and bathrooms. You can transform the busiest room in the house into a bright, light and airy space by incorporating contemporary designs or natural effects that make any kitchen a pleasurable place to be.

But don’t just save Contour wallpaper for bathrooms or kitchens. It can have an equally dramatic effect in a bedroom, too. Our Hexagon Lattice Teal Wallpaper incorporates two big interior trends in perfect synergy – the rich depth of teal balanced with a subtle yet striking metallic accent. In a living room, our Contour wallpaper, such as the exceptional Standstone Natural Wallpaper, can add an enchanting natural element to your décor. It’s so accurate that you could easily be fooled into thinking you have a natural stone wall as your room’s focal point!

The idea of Contour wallpaper is to create the illusion of a tiled or stone wall but at a fraction of the cost or effort. Applying Contour wallpaper is much more cost-effective and quicker than tiling. It has a tough and durable surface designed to withstand the higher levels of heat and humidity you find in a kitchen or bathroom, so you’ll achieve that perfect look that’ll stay fresh and bright for longer.

Our Contour wallpaper range is design-led and is also powered by innovative Antibacterial technology. Our new Antibacterial wallpaper collection offers continuous protection for the product’s lifetime against E. coli, Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Salmonella Typhimurium.

Paste The Wall application means that it’s quick and easy to hang too, making it suitable for all levels of DIY décor enthusiasts. Accent our Contour wallpaper with neutral tones, or offset it with a pop of primary colour on your cabinets and doorframes.
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