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There’s no denying the power of wall art. The simple addition of art hung on a bare, boring wall can transform an interior. Whether your next DIY project involves refreshing your living room or a bedroom, it doesn’t get any better than our selection of wall art. Read on to discover ways you can redecorate your space with wall art – from clocks and canvas prints to framed wall art – as well as tips on how to decide what the best option is for you.

Looking for an easy way to give any room an upgrade? Consider using a beautiful piece of framed wall art to add interest. It’s a great way to showcase your individuality, and you’ll find plenty of different designs in our range. Once it’s been framed and fitted with a glare-resistant, protective glaze for that instant wow factor, your artwork is given a completely different kind of aesthetic. No matter which design you go for, adding a frame will ensure it looks more refined, classic and polished. Framed wall art is also highly durable, making it an ideal choice if your home gets a lot of sunlight or moisture. You can choose between gold, silver or wooden frames, so you can relax safe in the knowledge it will complement the rest of your room’s décor.

For those who love a nautical look, why not opt for beach-inspired wave prints that encapsulate the beauty of the shore? Would you prefer your wall art to have a more contemporary feel? Try geometric designs in an array of striking colours. We've also got gorgeous bird prints, neon-effect designs, and motivational words – the wall art possibilities you can introduce to your home are almost endless!

Now, if you love the look of framed wall art but can't commit to just one, creating a gallery wall with different-sized frames is the solution. This is when pictures and prints are hung from side to side, typically from the middle of the wall to the ceiling. Curating an eye-catching gallery wall isn’t as tricky as you might think, either, especially if you’re on a budget. There are plenty of affordable framed wall art options to choose from – and a really great gallery wall is often a mixture of things. It means you can place the floral watercolour next to an abstract woodland image or mix wooden frames next to gold-toned ones.

Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall all day long, which is why wall art is key when it comes to decorating. To give a room tons of personality, look no further than canvas wall art prints. A well-placed canvas will bring style to every square inch of your space, as well as give a room a focal point to really make it feel like home. But how does a canvas differ from framed wall art?

Often thought of as being more casual and contemporary than framed wall art, you don’t have to worry about making sure any frames fit into your décor with canvas prints. Canvas also has a distinctive textured quality, which helps add depth and dimension to the artwork. The canvas highlights the finer details of the art, so if you tend to go for designs that feature intricate elements or bold brushstrokes, it's a great choice. They are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to go big or small to suit your taste. Plus, a colourful canvas that stands out against a neutral wall is an easy, creative wall art idea. So, whether you have an unloved kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hallway that’s in need of a little TLC, a canvas is a simple addition that will add interest quickly.

Still trying to fill up a blank spot in your home? For style and function, you can’t go wrong with a clock. Not only will it help you get out the door on time, it will also look great on your wall or mantelpiece. From minimalist pieces that effortlessly slot into a modern interior to more traditional styles to match classic home décor, there are plenty of different clocks to choose from.

Country-inspired with Roman numerals? It doesn’t get much more elegant than that. A contemporary textured face finished in stunning metal? It’ll work beautifully against a dark-coloured painted wall. Whatever your taste, you’re bound to find a clock to suit here at Wallpaper It.
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