What is a Wall Mural?

A wall mural can be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to transform your home. With a variety of options, from contemporary geometric patterns to bold florals, there’s mural wallpaper to suit your style right here

Wall Mural bedroom setting

A wall mural can be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to transform your home. With a variety of options, from contemporary geometric patterns to bold florals, there’s mural wallpaper to suit your style right here. If you need any more convincing, we’ll take you through everything from what is a wall mural, to how a humble mural can instantly transform a space. After you browse through this, you may just want to add wall murals to every single room of your home.

What is a wall mural?

When you’re looking to refresh a room with minimal effort, mural wallpaper is a top way to do it. Unsure what the difference is between wallpaper and a wall mural? No problem – it’s all about the print! Whereas a traditional wallpaper typically features a repetitive design, a wall mural shows one large image. Although you can create a feature wall with wallpaper, it’s typically used to redecorate all four walls in a room. On the other hand, a wall mural is designed to enhance an interior by accenting only one wall.

Transform your space with a wall mural

Wall murals add an eye-catching focal point to an overall scheme and are also a chance to inject a little personality. Done correctly, a unique wall mural can be as statement or subtle as you want.

Be creative with your space

Whether you’re searching for wall murals for bedrooms or looking for a striking design for a bathroom, there’s plenty to choose from here at Wallpaper It. Incorporating a wall mural into your interior space can be whatever you want it to be – a way to divide a room, make a small room appear bigger and more. It can even just be a wall that makes your home that little bit brighter!

Why choose a wall mural?

Adding a wall mural is a quick way to bring your room to life. It can hide imperfections in the wall behind more than a coat of paint will and can also help walls appear fresher for longer. You won’t need to worry about a room looking tired when marks or chips appear on your painted walls. A wall mural provides a focal point without over-committing, and it’s a budget-friendly way to redecorate without updating all four walls.

The best bit? Installing a wall mural is incredibly easy and cost-effective! As mural wallpaper is printed on a paste the wall base, you won’t need to invest in any additional equipment like a pasting table, as the paste is applied directly to the wall. Murals are dry when you’re hanging each strip, so it’s easy to cut and takes away the need to let the fibres of pasted paper expand before hanging. Plus, when you next fancy a change, our paste the wall mural wallpaper is simple to remove, too. It’s really never been easier to create a statement feature wall!

Wall mural creativity can be limitless

From a serene forest canopy and abstract leaf prints to modern marble effects and rich floral blooms, wall murals prove you can do far more exciting things with a bare wall than wallpaper or paint. Whether you go for a playful, on-trend option or a more timeless style, mural wallpaper is ideal if you’re looking to add liveliness to a room but don't want it to feel too busy by redecorating all four walls. You’ll even find wall murals in a wide range of colours and patterns that will work in an office, nursery and kitchen, to name just a few.

Laura Ashley Wall Mural

Laura Ashley Wall Murals

One brand that offers plenty of inspiration when it comes to wall murals is Laura Ashley. Laura Ashley’s wall murals perfectly capture the British brand’s romantic, country-inspired aesthetic that’s here to stay. We love how Laura Ashley’s stunning mural wallpaper can slot into most rooms, from hallways to dining areas. Look to the Eglantine for a beautiful sweetbriar trail design that’s set against soft blush-pink tones, it’s perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom. If you've got a plain, windowless wall in your living room that's in need of an update, the Aveline, Birtle, and Belvedere are all striking options. To make adding a wall mural to your home simple, you can customise it with your own exact measurements to make sure it fits your wall perfectly. Trust us, mural wallpaper will add a real feature to any space!