Refresh Your Home For Spring

Our top five tips on how to make your home look gorgeous this spring – making your home feel warm, welcoming, and ready to embrace the sunshine!

The first flushes of spring are starting to appear, the weather is warming up (it might even stop raining for a while), and a sunbeam has just shown up those cobwebs in the corner of the room. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and refresh your home after the long winter slumber. But what is the quickest way to bring a burst of spring freshness into your home?

Here at Wallpaper It, we have everything you need to add much-needed colour to your life, with a selection of the best wallpapers and paints. We've put together our top five tips on how to make your home look gorgeous this spring. They're quick, easy, and guaranteed to make your home feel warm, welcoming, and ready to embrace the sunshine!

Move things around

One of the easiest and quickest ways to revive your home is to spend an afternoon rearranging your furniture. It is quite incredible how moving a few things around can completely change the look of your room and give it a whole new character. Think about how you use the room, the flow of movement between entry points, and positioning chairs and sofas so that people can chat more easily.

However, moving that sofa away from the wall might reveal a bit of a difference in colour where the light has altered the colour of your paint. Or you suddenly realise that the reason you moved it there in the first place was to hide that crayon ‘wall art’ your kids did when they were little! If that’s the case, moving your furniture might mean going up a gear into a redecorating session. It's a perfect opportunity to try a new colour or even create that feature wall you always wanted.

leaves mural  green

Bring in the outside with plants and flowers

Spring sees the garden full of colour, but why keep it all outdoors? Adding plants and fresh flowers to your environment is a perfect way to freshen up an interior. Not only do plants brighten up any room, but they can also help you feel better and more relaxed. Caring for plants brings out our nurturing instinct, which releases endorphins (the feel-good hormone) into our bodies. So yes, having plants in the house really is good for you!

However, if you have a brown thumb instead of green fingers, those plants don't have to be real. Why not incorporate a botanical wallpaper into your springtime décor and surround yourself with flowers all year round? Or choose curtains and cushions with a floral theme that add a splash of colour to your room.

Laura Ashley parterre floral

Add pops of colour

If you have a neutral palette, you can instantly liven things up by adding pops of pure colour. This can be as simple as a bright red flower vase (filled with a springtime bunch of yellow daffodils). Or you can break out the paintbrush and add vivid jewel tones to bathroom and kitchen cabinets and drawers. Something as simple as a tin of gloss paint can transform a space in an afternoon.

Before buying your paint, consider what kind of décor you already have. You want to complement, not clash. Even if you have a relatively neutral palette, it will still have 'cool' or 'warm' elements. Try to choose colours that fall into these categories. If your kitchen is crisp whites and cool greys, go for a cool colour such as royal blue or a warm that harmonises with cooler tones such as purple.

The joy of colour is that you can play around with it. A gorgeous lemon yellow brings a citrusy zing to a kitchen, while subtle teal or sage green accents create a soothing sensation in a living room or bedroom. There are a million colours to choose from, and the most important thing is to have fun!

Add artwork for a gallery look

Spring is traditionally the time when most art galleries launch their latest exhibitions. So why not turn your home hallway or living room into your own personal gallery? The creative industries are going through a revival right now, and a whole generation of new and exciting artists is emerging from a wide range of disciplines. Add sculptural pieces or gorgeous, hand-thrown studio pottery to shelves and display cabinets, or brighten a wall with paintings, drawings or ornate mirrors. Hang jewel-like suncatchers in windows, or create a gallery of photos in elegant frames with special meaning to you and your loved ones.

For an older home, why not delve into the beauty of Art Nouveau-inspired art, with its whimsical botanical themes and dazzling use of colour? Add a chic mid-century look with 1950s and ‘60s-inspired posters. Or embrace the hand-made principles of the Arts and Crafts movement with copper-framed mirrors.

At Wallpaper It, we have a wide range of wall art that will bring a personal touch to any room. From clocks to canvas art, there is bound to be something that inspires you.

Laura Ashley belvedere peacock

Give yourself that feature wall you always wanted

Feature walls and murals are a big interior design trend and work well in any type of home. From a loft apartment to a country house, feature walls give a room a focal point, balanced by paints or wallpapers that pick out key elemental colours within the mural. It could be a Manhattan skyline or a jungle path, a secret magical garden or a misty mountain range.

Murals are much easier to create than you might think. Each one is scaled to fit your exact measurements, so it'll always look perfectly proportioned. Your mural comes in a series of pre-cut strips, which simply need to be hung in the correct order to achieve the full effect.

With Paste The Wall wallpapers, it’s also so much easier to get a flawless result. Each of our murals comes with suggestions for harmonising paint colours, and you can even bundle in your painting accessories so you have everything you need to create your perfect feature wall.

Spring is a time to throw off the old and embrace the new, freshen up our homes and open them up to let the sun in. With these top tips, you can greet the spring with a home full of energy and life that looks amazing!