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Celebrating the work of one of the most influential designers of his time, the William Morris at Home range is a revival of some of Morris’ most important patterns. As official partners of the William Morris Gallery with exclusive access to the Gallery, Wallpaper It has an extensive range of original, un-altered William Morris designs and patterns.

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The William Morris At Home wallpaper collection features 39 iconic and timeless Morris designs in an array of modern color palettes. Each has been taken from the original archive design to bring Morris’s beautiful designs into homes.


This beautiful collection of William Morris murals brings statement scale, detail and color to some of Morris’s most iconic and best loved patterns.

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The William Morris At Home paint collection features 41 beautiful colors inspired by the gorgeous tones from the wallpaper and murals collection perfect to create a complimentary look within the home in two product finishes; gallery emulsion & eggshell.

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Recycled, reusable, durable - our packaging and products carry the highest sustainable credentials.

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Admirers and keepers of the William Morris legacy, we bring his work out of the archives into the world today for all to share.

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Our products exceed quality expectations and are thoughtfully crafted to honor the original works that inspired them.

Practical Beauty

Practical Beauty

As the founding father of the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris laid the foundations we now follow.

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An iconic artist, poet, writer and activist, William Morris believed that art should be for the people, by the people. He valued simplicity, utility, and beauty and championed nature as the inspiration for everything. A pioneer of the Arts and Crafts movement, his wallpaper and textile designs remain universally revered. William Morris at Home celebrates and upholds his principles to create beautiful and useful products that are well-crafted and sustainable.