Happy News: It's Wallpaper Week 2023

International Wallpaper Week is back from October 2nd to 8th with the theme of 'happiness.' Join us in celebrating with feel-good initiatives and collaboration with The Happy Newspaper.

International Wallpaper Week

International Wallpaper Week only comes around once a year — and that fun-filled time is here again from 2nd to 8th October. This year's theme is 'happiness', and we're collaborating with The Happy Newspaper to focus on all the positive stuff that's happening in the world. So, it's only fitting that we celebrate with plenty of feel-good initiatives, too.

Celebrate with us

So, what exactly are the initiatives? We're glad you asked! To mark the launch of International Wallpaper Week, we're creating a special edition of The Happy Newspaper. The best bit is you can be part of it too! Whether you've got a funny decorating story or know an everyday hero who deserves some recognition, send over your contributions via social media for a chance to be featured.

And even better, as part of our 'The Happy News For Schools' charity initiative, we're also providing schools in the UK with free Happy newsletters. Filled with incredibly inspiring news stories, it gives children a moment to smile and remember all the good stuff in life – perfect for a little light relief!

Wallpaper yourself happy

Looking to decorate yourself happy? We all know certain colors and patterns can be used around the home to boost your mood, and with that in mind, a special range of bright and colorful wallpapers has been launched to coincide with International Wallpaper Week. Designed by founder of The Happy Newspaper, Emily Coxhead, designs include smiley faces and a playful sticker doodle print. Whether it's for a kid's bedroom, playroom or any other living space, one of these striking wallpapers is bound to create a fresh, cheerful background that works in your home. An added bonus? With every roll of wallpaper sold, we'll be sending a ten-pack of newspapers to a school. It's a win-win.

Sticker Doodle Yellow Wallpaper

Shop Sticker Doodle Yellow Wallpaper

Sticker Doodle Mono Wallpaper

Shop Sticker Doodle Mono Wallpaper

Happy News Smiles Blue Wallpaper

Shop Happy News Smiles Blue Wallpaper

Happy News Smiles White Wallpaper

Shop Happy News Smiles White Wallpaper

Sticker Doodle Wallpaper

Shop Sticker Doodle Wallpaper

Sustainability is a good thing

It's always great to know about brands that are doing good on the side. Step forward Wallpaper It. We can't talk about the positive things that are happening this International Wallpaper Week without mentioning our commitment to sustainability. Not only do we create stunning wall coverings, but as a sustainable business, we aim to put the planet and people first, too.

  • After moving the UK arm of our business to renewable energy, we've reduced our carbon emissions by 29%.
  • Our digital factory uses 100% renewable energy.
  • This century, we'll be responsible for planting 16.8 million trees.
  • Close to half of our Graham & Brown branded range is made in our Digital Eco factory.
  • We've invested in three international sustainability projects.
  • When your order arrives, we've made sure that all our packaging is recyclable. When you've finished redecorating with paint, we've even ensured that our steel paint tins are completely recyclable once cleaned.